Translation is costing you time, money and A LOT of frustration. So, say Hola to Speechly!

Speechly lets two people hold a conversation in multiple global languages while using a Jabra device.

It’s translation, but nothing like you’ve experienced before.

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Real-time communication in multiple languages

Communicate in the most widely spoken languages in the world, translated instantaneously using AI that is continually learning.

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Exclusively configures with compatible Jabra devices

Download the Speechly app for desktop or mobile. Once installed, Speechly will automatically begin configuration with your compatible Jabra device and start translating straight away.

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Save money and be more responsive

Avoid expensive interpreter fees and allow your staff to communicate more frequently and spontaneously with the customers and communities you serve.

Speechly & Jabra: a partnership like no other.

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A comprehensive solution for Workable

When COVID-19 posed challenges for the unique co-working service offered by Workable in Nairobi, Speechly interpretation software alongside premium audio and video devices from Jabra enabled them to continue allowing member businesses to connect virtually with colleagues in Africa and around the world.

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Features and benefits

Face to Face Translation

Using Jabra speakerphone or two Jabra headsets. Remove the need for an in-person, costly translator and simply use Speechly at the click of a button.

One to many Translation (released November 2020)

Harnessing the power of Microsoft Teams, Jabra device users will now be able to communicate to large audiences through conference call.

Translation History Recorded and Transcribed

Need to playback a previous translation? No problem, simply select the history tab on the Speechly menu.

Privacy Notice and Consent Tracking

Ensure permission is granted from all parties before you commence recording to ensure you are compliant.

Sentiment Analysis (released November 2020)

With some languages it’s difficult to detect the sentiments and tone of the speaker. From November, Speechly will offer sentiment insight by displaying visually if a speaker is happy sad, or angry.

Search Function

Easily find your conversations later using the quick search function on the menu.

Integration with Microsoft e-Discovery for SAR (DSR) requirements (released November 2020)

Easily find your conversations later using the quick search function on the menu.

Desktop and Mobile Platform (Windows, iOS and Android)

Easily access the Speechly app on both your mobile or desktop computer.

Automatic Language Detection (released early 2021)

Now you no longer need to manually enter which language you want to translate to/from as Speechly will automatically detect the language spoken.

Real-time communication in multiple global languages

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What our partners say

Industry Insights

Border force interpretation

What’s going wrong with UK border force interpretation?

The UK’s border force is currently facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to interpretation.  According to a 2019 parliamentary report, the border agency is experiencing high rates of cancellation by interpreters, shortages of people able to speak common languages and recruitment problems. These challenges are compounded by the fact that demand for interpreters increased by

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What do medical interpreters do?

What do medical interpreters do?

Imagine you are on holiday abroad when you suddenly feel an overwhelming pain in your side. You travel to the closest hospital to seek treatment, yet none of the staff speak more than rudimentary English. You try to explain the location of the pain and what it feels like yet are met with puzzled expressions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Speechly is currently available as a Windows desktop app only, but we are working hard to develop apps for both Android and iOS. Subscribe to our news feed and be the first to hear when new functionality and features are available to Speechly.

If you are thinking of purchasing Speechly licences or would like to find out more. Get in touch with us at

Speechly is currently set up to work for in-person conversations. However, we are working hard to enable Speechly to work on virtual calls. Subscribe to our news feed and be the first to hear when new functionality and features are available to Speechly.

Speechly can be configured to store audio and text scripts from conversations. The data will be used solely for the purpose of transcribing and playback. Translation data is only stored should you consent to us doing so and can be deleted at any time on request.

All data is stored securely in Microsoft Azure cloud storage. Data is never shared with any third party. Translation data is only stored should you consent to us doing so and can be deleted at any time on request.

Yes. We currently offer a 30 day trial licence. Click here to request your trial licence

Speechly is enabled to work with certified Jabra devices, which can be found here. We cannot guarantee connection or clarity of non-certified devices with Speechly.

Speechly supports 35 languages, including the most popular languages spoken around the world. For a full list, click here. More languages will be added.

We are working hard to enable Speechly to work with simultaneous multiple language translations. Subscribe to our news feed and be the first to hear when new functionality and features are available to Speechly.

Internet connection is a potential dependency, an offline use-case scenario is currently being worked on. However bandwidth and QoS demands will be no different than a Peer-to-Peer Teams or Zoom audio call.  Depending on the languages, the delay is from hundredths of a second to 2 seconds – different languages require deeper analysis to ensure we get the intent right.

Azure UK South, scalable to any Azure Region depending on requirement.

Recordings are held in Azure and is AES-256 encrypted, in transit, encryption is TLS1.2

Speechly doesn’t just provide literal translation, it captures the context of full sentences to provide accurate, fluent conversational translations. The original language audio is stored alongside text transcript and the translation is held in line with your compliance requirements.

The translation platform accuracy is continually tested further to get a view and we include a feedback loop to ensure that we are always improving. However, by using certified Jabra devices within the platform, we are ensuring the appropriate audio quality to achieve a greater accuracy.

Yes, this is a fully GDPR compliant solution that is able to support eDiscovery requirements* with full transcript and call tracking capability. (*O365 logging required).